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English Spoken Classes in Jaipur

Spoken English, a unique skill to learn

a. How to speak in English Correctly?

b. How to make the speaking quality fluent in English?

Why do we require to improve our speaking English quality?

a. It is the professional's language.

b. It is the means of Business Communication.

c. To crack an interview.

d. It is The Netizens Language.

e. It is a status symbol.

f. If creates a chance of promotion in the professional world.

g. It generate on exclusive parameter of the speaker.

How to Start Speaking?

In order to start, categorize yourself first according to the level your belong .........

  • Minimum Knowledge Level
  • 20-30%
  • Moderate Knowledge Level
  • 40-50%
  • Good Knowledge Level
  • 60-70%
  • Excellent Knowledge Level
  • 80-90%


  • Reading (Loud (×)/Aloud ()) Rigorously with intonation.
  • Make reading a habit.
  • Practice of proper pronunciation of words.
  • Questionnaire method to apply for speaking.
  • Using of situational approach (With role plays): Like-
    • Bank
    • Airport
    • Restaurant
    • Hotel
    • Public Place
    • Higher Authorities
    • Railway Enquiries
    • Hospitals
    • Nursing Homes and many more

TIPS (to Do)

  • SPEAK HINGLISH!!!! :- (HINGLISH) which means (HINDI + ENGLISH) so start speaking in Hindi and use the English words in between your speech wherever you can.
  • SELF TAKING- Start speaking to self by sitting in front of a mirror, where your image will be your partner to speak.
  • HUNGER FOR NEW WORDS:- One should have the hunger to collect more of English words into his vocabulary that will make the language rich for the person while speaking.
  • ENGLISH in BEO:- Speak on the activities that you did throughout the day before going to sleep.

TIPS (Not to go)

  • Avoid Speaking in local or regional language.
  • MTI:- (Mother Tongue Influence) can be removed by making minimal use of local language.

Where to start taking the Basic English Language Training? In order to do that, one need to be in such a platform where one can get (The English Ambience), (The English Culture), (The English Speaking People Around) (The English training amenities), (The English Trainers) and many more. In one word a Complete English University and the place is none other than.

VIPM (Vivekananda Institute of Personality Management) Jaipur

Come and Join us (Online), (Offline) (or Both) and make your English Career as bright as you want. (365)

We Provide:

  • The best study material to practice at home.
  • The best platform to sit and communicate with experts.
  • The audio-video programmes for communication.
  • Recording system of voices for rectifications.
  • Special care to the weak.
  • Group-Discussion facility and many more.

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