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English Grammar Classes in Jaipur


Grammar is the subject that stresses many students out, as they find it quite confusing and complicated. VIPM bestows best grammar classes in Jaipur to provide you or impart you the knowledge of grammar with simple methods to improve your grammatical skills.

Our English improvement classes helps you to become fluent in speaking English with correct use of grammar with intonation. We train you to learn the basic principles of grammar both as a student and as a future employee.
We provide you the ample number of sentences with rules by using proper method and their correct usage in our study material, when you read you reinforce correct grammar in your mind.

Knowledge of grammar plays a major role to note mistakes and make your writing error free. In our classes we train you to the extent which enables you to detect the mistakes and increase your knowledge regarding grammar and make you infallible in writing. Our regular online test assess your knowledge and make you correct with a great explanation which gives you immediate understading of the basic principles of writing.

In our basic English language classes we teach our students to identity the parts of speech in a distinctive way which makes them understand the sentence and defines the correct word order which helps them to know the role that each word has in a sentence structure and to construct them properly.

We enable you to decode what you read in our English comprehension classes. We describe with fascinating qualitative method in order to extract and construct meaning from text. We strengthen your mind to annotate and engage with the text. Besides that we familiarize you with vocabulary with an amazing tact where you learn to use them correctly.

Grammar, in competitive exam plays an emminent role as the weightage of questions asked in an exam go as follows……. Passage, Cloze Test, Rearrangement/Parajumble, Correction of sentences, Phrases and phrasal verbs, Fillers, in the exams like CHSL, BANK, CDS, NDA, AIRFORCE, NAVY and other Grade D.

whereas, in terms of covering the descriptive papers like…….. Passage-writing, Theme-writing, Essay-writing, Letter-writing, Precis-writing, Report-writing, Translation of Sentences and many more in the exams of cracking an RAS or IAS.

We, the team members of VIPM are well-experienced, well-talented and dedicated towards the organisation. We are quite capable to handle all these sections of English efficiently with TECHNOLOGY.

Here, we provide You:

  • ENGLISH ambience
  • English culture
  • English speaking people around
  • WELL- experienced, Talented English Teachers and Trainers
  • English concepts with Technology
  • English complete study material
  • English smart classes
  • English interactive sessions and many more under the same roof.
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